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Specialized-bike-logoRecognized as one of the most dominating brands of bikes across the world, Specialized mountain bikes have an outstanding legacy. Currently sponsoring hundreds of professional cyclist, constant cycle evolution and involvement in new cyclist advocacy are just the daily functions this mountain bike company is responsible for, but what sets the Specialized brand apart from its competition? The history, new product releases and its movement towards the future put Specialized mountain bikes in first place for dedicated cyclist.

The beginning of the Specialized mountain bike company originated in Morgan Hill, California during 1974. Starting from a company that used custom Italian cycling parts to comprise the original mountain bikes, Specialized grew to become its own manufacturer in 1976. By 1981, Specialized had released the iconic Stumpjumper, the first production mountain bike. Today, Specialized continues to develop one of the largest product ranges of mountain bikes in the world.

Specialized-Rumor-womens-29er-full-susp-mountain-bikeThe Rumor is one of Specialized’s most popular trail riding mountain bikes for women. Featured as a full suspension 29 inch wheel bike, the Rumor’s unique design makes it a popular choice for novice or competition riders. The new alloy frame features low stand over height for simple mounting/dismounting procedure. The components such as the saddle and grips allow for an ideal fit for women riders. Most importantly, the tune of the Rumor’s suspension keeps ride quality smooth with the ability to adjust manually for various terrains.

specialized-statusSpecialized downhill mountain bike athletes agree the Status mountain bike is a premium mark of quality. The Status boasts a lightweight alloy frame capable of component compatibility. Serious downhill riders understand components will be damaged, destroyed and need of replacement often, thus the high quality chain guides and hubs found on the bike frame can easily be upgraded when necessary. The Status mountain bike is tuned to be as light as possible for downhill regulations without sacrificing its value. The most interesting component of the Status downhill bike is its suspension tune. Designed and tested for racing, this suspension system features a four bar linkage prepared to handle high speeds with a constant gliding feel.

specialized-stumpjumperNothing speaks louder than a legend, and Specialized’s Stumpjumper continues to impress and attract cross country mountain bikers everywhere. Currently, the Stumpjumper offers 5 separate hard tail frame options of choice all carbon fiber based. The major feature that makes the Stumpjumper one of the most recognized mountain bikes in the world is its fierce frame geometry. Most have been designed for 29 inch wheel set up which promoted better handling and ride comfort. The Stumpjumper Marathon Carbon is regarded for its smooth ride through bumps and dips along a trail ride. The carbon frame combined with large 29 inch carbon wheels allows for a comfortable ride and amazing stability. With many mountain bikers converting to the 29 inch wheel spec for an improved riding experience, the Stumpjumper is the benchmark for this cycling category.

There has been much speculation of the future release of the 27.5 inch wheel mountain bike from Specialized. The topic of the 27.5 inch or 650b has continued to grow in the cycling community because it represents the fusion of general riding ideologies. While the industry standard has produced a multitude of 26 inch wheel mountain bikes that most riders enjoy, the 29 inch mountain bike niche has slowly been gaining support. People that enjoy the 26 thoroughly find the 29ers as second options to their biking choices because there isn’t as much maneuverability for the amount of comfort offered. The development of the 27.5 inch wheel will bring the smooth ride when using big wheels with the agility of the smaller frame design. Although there is much enthusiasm from mountain bikers about the 650b mountain bike design, no progress or announcements have been made for a Specialized 2014 release. Specialized’s marketing department has announced the prototyping of the 650b mountain bike, but they still haven’t considered a production version from Specialized for the 2013 or 2014 seasons.

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