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santa-cruz-logoThere isn’t a mountain bike manufacturer who stands out for all of the right reasons such as the Santa Cruz Bike Company. Formed to compete, perform and dominate in the largest mountain biking competitions worldwide, this company has a dedicated focus to bringing out the best in their bikes. From entry level hard tails to the gravity defying downhill racers, Santa Cruz mountain bikes have plenty of innovation to offer the cycling community.

Santa Cruz Company Background:

The Santa Cruz Bike Company originated in 1993. Gaining its roots from a skateboarding background, the founders decided to dedicate their bike design completely for off-road performance and enjoyment. The first mountain bike released in 1994 named the Tazmon gained international recognition with its patented single pivot rear suspension. Today, Santa Cruz focuses on revolutionary mountain bike development, the manipulation of materials for the best engineering design and their syndicate downhill race team.

Santa Cruz Popular Mountain Bikes:

TallBoy_Carbon_2The Santa Cruz Tallboy 2 is the full suspension cross country bike bound to please. Beginning with development in 2009, this 29 inch bike offers the ride quality most other production 29ers lack. This bike was originally designed for long distance purposes, thus the lightweight carbon frame combined with large diameter wheels to easily triumph difficult landscapes makes the Tallboy 2 an all-around quality ride. The original quality of frame geometry was so powerful it won awards for Mountain Bike of the Year within its first few years of production. The newer version has made small adjustments such as pedaling efficiency, weight reduction and stiffness of the bike. These adjustments will continue to keep the Tallboy version of mountain bike at the top of the 29er world.

santa-cruz-BantamThe Santa Cruz Bantam is one of this years most celebrated rail riding mountain bikes. Being one of the first production 650b wheel bikes available, many cycling enthusiast have taken interest to the performance this revolutionary concept has to offer. The Bantam mountain bike has a very sturdy alloy frame and when this frame is combined with a tapered head tube, single pivot suspension and 27.5 inch wheels, the bike gives riders a very agile yet commanding feeling on the trails.

santa-cruz-hecklerThe Heckler from Santa Cruz is the all mountain bicycle celebrating its seventh generation model. The Heckler shares its frame geometry with other popular all mountain versions yet the difference that sets this bike apart is the durability legacy of durable frame design. The aluminum alloy chassis has been stiffened, lightened and given aesthetically pleasing trim for the celebratory year.

santa-cruz-v10The premier Santa Cruz mountain bike is the V10 Carbon downhill racer. Based upon the replica bike of the 2010 runner up and future world champion, this mountain bike is described as the lightest and strongest downhill frame in the world. The carbon composite frame weighs in less than 7 pounds while the suspension fork allows for a range of 8-10 inches of travel. The V10 downhill mountain bike is continually race tested by the Santa Cruz syndicate so accurate data can be returned from competitions to continuously improve the bike. Although this is the lightest downhill race bike, there isn’t any sacrifice on durability for stiffness. To supplement the carbon frame’s durability, the designers of the V10 decided to use aluminum rear suspension linkages to prevent exposure from damage in the incident of a crash.

Current Santa Cruz Development:

In the spring of 2013, Santa Cruz has decided to release an aluminum version of the Blur TR mountain bike. The aluminum trail riding bike keeps the same geometry and suspension packages as the carbon composite version, thus the aluminum Blur gives consumers the low cost option to compare and contrast ride quality of similar products. The aluminum version of the Blur TR helps Santa Cruz expand their quality brand to customers who may not be sold on a carbon frame but do not want to lose the opportunity to experience and amazing mountain bike.

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