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niner-logoThe bravery to challenge convention leads to greatness. Niner mountain bikes used this principle to develop their trademark “All 29er” mountain bike developer. The Niner Company is relatively young compared to its competition, but the drive to stand out in the mountain biking community has led to the development of timeless works of innovation. The Niner mountain bike historical significance, exclusive product line and future design plans are all attributes that make Niner mountain bikes significant.


The Niner mountain bike company was founded in 2005 in Torrence, California. The owners understood the best way to gain recognition from mountain bike enthusiast about their product was to make their brand as large as possible. After experiencing the quality of a 29 inch wheel bike ride, the owners were convinced this was their opportunity. The 29er market for mountain bikes was very small in competition since most mountain bike manufacturers focused on their standard product lines. Met with large amounts of resistance, the Niner mountain bike company continued to develop and improve 29 inch wheel bikes and brought the once niche market into the mainstream mountain bike world.

Featured Cycles:

niner-wfo-9The WFO 9 mountain bike is in a trail riding class of its own. This full suspension alloy framed bike is almost the perfect fusion of a cross country and downhill mountain bike. Light framework dedicated for agile movements and a patented CVA suspension for better petal stroke on the large frame give the WFO 9 a unique design. The ride quality of the WFO has many positive accolades, but most riders of this bike mention is the speed. The WFO 9 was designed to ride at speeds higher than average 29ers because of the advanced front and rear suspension components combined with large wheels that can cover all obstacles. This bike offers the stability, speed and comfort most mountain mike enthusiast state other 29er bikes lack.

niner-jet9-carbonThe JET 9 Carbon mountain bike is as aesthetically pleasing as it is practical. This bike is usually supported by a wide range of cyclist from afternoon trail riders to active weekend cyclists. The Jet 9 Carbon features tapered suspension forks, full carbon frame and a variation of sizes so smaller riders can thoroughly enjoy the 29er mountain bike lifestyle. All of the benefits the JET 9 Carbon have to offer, this bike is relatively affordable. The special pricing options allow the JET 9 Carbon to be an excellent entry level full suspension mountain bike with product upgrades available for the custom riding experience.

niner-emd-9The EMD 9 mountain bike is perfect for entry level hard tail riders. This bike is economical yet holds very high standards to offer mountain bike riders quality. Composed of a hydro formed alloy frame, the EMD 9 uses the same tapered fork system and innovative frame geometry as other Niner mountain bikes. The tapered forks allow for larger down tube travel which improves overall ride stability. EMD 9 frame geometry is perfected for 29er riding, and with the addition of the extra small and large frames in 2013, more mountain bikers will be able to enjoy this affordable bike. The EMD 9 has a specific attention to detail in regards to its finish. Exquisite badges, braking and gearshift cables streamlined to the frame and definitive trim colors make the EMD 9 a mountain bike worth owning.

Niner Bikes Future Plans:

Niner bikes in the past 8 years have taken a stronghold in cross country and trail riding competitions, but the company is looking to expand its brand of “29ers only” to the gravity endurance competitions. In July 2013, Niner mountain bikes tested an enduro prototype mountain in Colorado at the Enduro World Series. This bike is similar to the WFO 9 but with a lighter alloy chassis and longer front suspension travel. With the popularity of gravity riding competitions growing globally, Niner mountain bikes are making inroads towards offering the consumer a desirable mountain bike.

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