Mountain Biking Tips – 5 Things Every Rider Needs to Know

Mountain Biking Tips - 5 Things Every Rider Needs to KnowMountain biking is one of the most exciting and adventurist sports of the time. With the right bike, almost any terrain can be conquered with a little practice and understanding these 5 important Mountain Biking Tips:

1. The Pre Ride Check – It doesn’t matter if we rode the trails the day before, always check the equipment before every ride. This includes checking:

A. Tires -condition and pressure, tire pressure is very important when it comes to grip (depending on the terrain may require lower or higher then normal tire pressure).
B. Shocks – make sure both the frame and fork shocks are set for our weight.
C. Brake check – brakes are one of the most important parts of a mountain bike.
D. Frame – look for cracks or fractures.
E. Safety Equipment – We need to make sure our helmet is in good shape and we have all the tools, patches, etc. we need.

2. Keep our eyes on the trail ahead not right in front of us. Many beginning mountain bike riders tend to focus on the terrain right in front of them instead of the trail ahead. If we are looking down instead of ahead of us this will slow us down and in Mountain biking speed is actually our friend and helps us over obstacles.

3. Steep climbs require us to put our weight over the front wheel while pulling back on the handlebars. This mountain biking tip may sound a little confusing if we are just reading it for the first time, but is really quite simple and takes just a little practice. When riding up a steep hill we need to keep our weight forward so that our front wheel does not lift up. With our weight forward, this takes the necessary weight off our rear wheel where our pedaling force is being applied, so pulling back on the handlebars pushes weight back to the rear wheel.

4. The Steeper the descent the further our weight has to be behind the saddle. Keeping our weight back keeps our front wheel from getting caught on an obstacle and provides more stability down the rough terrain.

5. Use body weight to move the bike. When mountain biking our body weight is what makes the mountain bike turn, climb and decent (as already discussed above) with ease. We need to try to stay out of the saddle and on the technical parts of the trail.

The last note may not be a mountain biking tip, but still equally important:

Keep practicing and pushing to go faster down the mountain bike trail!

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