Mountain Bike Gloves Buyers Guide

The Mountain Bike Gloves Buyers Guide comparison chart is broken down by the following (see below the chart for the buyers guide):

Make and Model – The brand name and specific model of glove. Click on the picture or name to see more information, reviews or purchase.
Material – This is material the palm of the glove is made of.
Weather – This is the weather is glove is made for.
Price – This is a price guide where $ is up to $15, $$ is $15.01 to $30, $$$ is 30.01 up to $45 and $$$$ is 45.01 and over.
Rating – This is consumer ratings from 0 to 5 where 5 is the highest. Ratings are taken from Jenson USA and or as of this post.

Make and Model
Pearl Izumi Select Gel Glovesynthetic leatherWarm$$4.6
Fox Reflex Gel S/F Glovesynthetic leatherWarm$$4.5
Planet Bike Aries Glovesynthetic leatherWarm$4.5
Planet Bike Taurus Glovespigskin leatherWarm$4.4
Giro Bravo Glovessynthetic leatherWarm$$3.7
Ergon HX2 Full Finger GloveleatherAll-Season$$$5.0
Giro Giro DND Glovessynthetic leatherAll-Season$$4.7
Fox Bomber GloveleatherAll-Season$$$4.6
Giro Xen Glovessynthetic leatherAll-Season$$$4.5
Troy Lee Designs GP Glovessynthetic leatherAll-Season$$$4.5

Mountain Bike Gloves Buyers Guide

Mountain Bike Gloves Buyers GuideMountain bike gloves are an important piece of equipment that should not be neglected. The right pair of gloves will allow a rider to keep a great hold on the handlebars, which helps to avoid losing control during hard landings and sharp turns. Here is a guide to buying the right pair of mountain biking gloves.


The first thing to look for in a pair of mountain bike gloves is for a lot of cushioning. Mountain biking is the roughest of the cycling sports. It requires riders to suffer though a lot of jarring impacts and feel a lot of vibrations through the handlebars. A good pair of gloves will offer enough cushion to keep the riders hands protected, but it should not be so thick as to deny the rider the feeling of tactile response. This may take some trial and error to find the pair of gloves with the best cushioning for the individual rider.


There are two styles of finger lengths for mountain biking gloves. There are short-fingered gloves which are the right style for warm weather rides. There are also full-length gloves that provide optimum warmth for cold weather riding. Most riders can get by with a pair of short-fingered gloves if they will not be riding during the winter.

Water-Repellent Finish

Mountain biking is a dirty pastime. Your gloves will get exposed to sweat and water. You should get a water-repellent glove that will keep the moisture on the outside of the glove. It should be made from a material that will wick sweat to the surface of the glove to keep hands from overheating.

Heavy-Duty Gloves

For mountain bike riders who are extremely aggressive, it is important to get a glove that will stand up to their bold riding style. They should look for mountain bike gloves that have thick knuckle padding the will protect them during a fall. They should also look for gloves that have wrist support as well. These mountain biking gloves with wrist support will take some of the strain away from riders’ wrists when they are landing big air jumps.

It is best to try on a glove before buying it. The best way to find the perfect pair of mountain biking gloves is to feel how it grips a pair of handlebars. By searching patiently, mountain bikers will find the perfect glove to suit their needs.

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