Gopro HD HERO3+ Review

Gopro HD HERO3+ ReviewGoPro has made a name for itself as one of the leaders in the industry when it comes to action shots for the videographers. From scuba diving to sky diving, their lineup of devices has made it possible for anyone in the world to enjoy these adventures, and their new GoPro HD Hero3+ is no exception. Not only has this camera been built to the rugged specifications of its predecessors, it also boasts new housing and a handful of great new features. Here is a closer look at how this camera has evolved from previous GoPro products and what owners can expect when they get their hands on it.

While the body of this camera will be familiar to those that have had a GoPro product before, there will be a few design changes that are immediately noticeable. Over the last generation of GoPro cameras, the HD Hero3+ has a body that is 20 percent smaller, depending on the add-ons, and considerably lighter. This means that extended use either in one’s hand or with the cradle will be more comfortable over longer periods of time. Improved electronics housed within the camera also improve battery life with some setups increasing longevity by well over 30 percent.

Those that have been fans of this company will also be glad to hear that none of the clarity and video quality that is associated with GoPro will be reduced, and various models of the GoPro HD Hero3+ will in fact shoot in significantly higher quality. The new 1080p “Super View” shoots footage in a 4:3 ratio at 60 frames per second. For those that will be shooting in changing lighting, the camera now has a faster sensor to change frame rates on-the-go.

Gopro HD HERO3+ ReviewFinally, those that prefer to mount their new GoPro do have improved options for a more secure and comfortable fit. The Jaws clamps now have two extra straps that can attach the camera to smaller sized objects while the new Junior Chesty is a lighter and smaller version of the full-sized adult chest harness.

Continuing on with its tradition as a leader in the field of action shots, the GoPro HD Hero3+ provides a versatile tool for those looking to capture spectacular quality videos. With a familiar body, new features, and a better battery life, it will be tough for anyone to find a comparable alternative.

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