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giant-logoRecognized for their expertise in manufacturing, Giant mountain bikes are cycles characterized by quality. Giant bikes remain competitive in the mountain bike industry because of their competitive pricing, vast range of cycles and dedication to customer satisfaction. Around the world Giant supports the active mountain biking lifestyle just as much as they advocate for cancer awareness, but all of these passions this company has are only on the short list of their overall accomplishments. Giant’s manufacturing background, competitive product line of cycles and their recent new developments push this mountain biking company forward.

Giant Corporate Background:

The Giant Bicycle Company originated in 1972 in Taiwan, manufacturing bikes to be developed under other brand names. Giant moved on to develop its own line of bikes to compete in the mid-level product range of cycles which most customers enjoyed outstanding quality for an affordable price. Today, Giant prides itself being a global supplier of downhill, cross country and single track mountain bikes looking to take their passion for cycling beyond the podium for cycling competitions, but to better the quality of life for those who enjoy the cycling lifestyle.

Giant Cycle Review:

Giant-Anthem-XThe Giant Anthem X Advanced 29er is the premier mountain bike for active trail riders. While supporting a full suspension carbon frame, this bike boasts exclusive Giant technologies including Maestro suspension and Overdrive 2 steering tube for on the mark steering accuracy. Other important features to the Anthem X Advanced 29er include its lightweight carbon frame, tapered suspension fork and large 29 inch wheels designed to conquer all obstacles on the trail ahead.

giant-XtC-CompositeThe Giant XTC composite hard tail mountain bike promotes the concept speed and stability can be achieved simultaneously. This carbon framed mountain bike is lightweight to make hill climbing less strenuous with effort focused on reaching the finish faster. This hard tail mountain bike was designed for competition and has been spotted in national cross country races worldwide.

giant-Revel-WThe Giant Revel W is an excellent selection for a women’s performance mountain bike. This hard tail mountain bike features an 80mm travel front suspension fork, hydraulic disc brakes and an Allux performance grade alloy frame. Riders of the Revel W state this bike in an amazing choice for entry level riders. Becoming adjusted to certain trail characteristics and developing confidence during hill descent can all be achieved with the Revel W. With the Revel W’s affordable price, it’s no mystery why these remain some of the most popular women’s mountain bikes in the industry.

giant-Glory-0The Giant mountain bike company prides themselves at pushing the limits of convention. With the release of the Glory 0 freestyle gravity mountain bike, no boundary can be found off limits. This downhill mountain bike boasts a large fully active suspension mounted on the special Allux alloy frame. Riders of the Glory 0 describe the bike as functionally practical for a performance mountain bike. The adjustable suspension pre-load is simple to dial in and adjust for tricky terrain. The stable ride quality of the Glory 0 makes it one of the faster downhill mountain bikes available to the market. With the development support of the current downhill world champion backing the performance of the Glory 0, the improvements Giant has in offer will add to the already promising legacy.

Current Giant Mountain Bike Development:

The 2014 product line of Giant mountain bikes is looking to incorporate the growing 650b niche of bikes. Earlier during the spring, Giant released photos of 2014 prototype development without any specific timeline of release. The 27.5 inch wheel prototypes include the complete Giant product line, thus customers will have the opportunity to select their currently favorite frames with the new wheel adjustments. Each bikes frame will be extended by certain percentages with adjustments to the suspension members being tested throughout 2013. There hasn’t been any news to discontinue the 26 inch version of Giant mountain bikes, but it is understood the 29 inch wheel versions will still be sold alongside the new 650b models.

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