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cannondale-logoSurrounded by tradition, championships and creativity Cannondale mountain bikes are one of the most popular brands of bike around the world. Cannondale bikes were originally developed with the intention of race development but the legacy of this bike brand has expanded throughout the mountain biking community to full suspension and 29er versions of their bikes. Cannondale’s historic background, current product line and recent competition victories keep this mountain bike company as one of the first choices for cycling enthusiasts.

Cannondale History:

The Cannondale Bike Corporation was founded in 1971 with the intentions of being a rucksack and camping gear provider. It later moved into development of oversized aluminum mountain bike frames for competition riding. In the 1990s Cannondale brought the revolutionary dual suspension to the mountain biking world, showcasing the gained comfort and smoother available ride with front and rear active suspension. With being the leader in suspension innovation, Cannondale began to take numerous victories and class titles in downhill and downhill riding. The continuation of unique development keeps Cannondale on the podium, forcing the limits of what’s capable.

Featured Cannondale Mountain Bikes:

cannondale-jekyll-carbon-2The Jekyll Carbon 2 is the premier “over mountain” all-around mountain bike. Supporting an innovative carbon composite frame, adjustable suspension travel and variable bike geometry this mountain bike was designed with enduro competitions in mind. The most unique attribute of this mountain bike is the DYAD RT2 suspension members. These suspension components were designed specifically for the Jekyll Carbon 2 for custom damping and air spring volume to give riders the best responsiveness.

Cannondale-Trail-SLThe Trail SL series is the hard tail bike designed with competition and budget in mind. This mountain bike is spotted competing across the world in various cross country races. There are a total of 5 versions of the SL mountain bike, each version offering slight variation in suspension and gearing components. This hard tail mountain bike features a redesigned aluminum frame 2013, enlarged head tube for greater steering response and smooth welds across the frame to secure rigidity during the ride. With all of these bonuses, the costs of this hard tail mountain bike are kept low. Seeing this bike regularly in the winner’s circle proves one doesn’t need major financial backing to perform like a champion.

Cannondale-Scalpel-29er-CarbonOne of the most interesting 29 inch wheel bikes on the market is Cannondale’s Scalpel Carbon. The Scalpel 29er’s frame is designed for sharp handling. The lightweight carbon composite offers greater rigidity and less rolling mass then steel alloy frames. The Scalpel also features the proven “Lefty” front suspension design which effectively transfers the vibrational load efficiently through the bike. The Scalpel 29er’s race geometry gives riders the maneuverability of a smaller 26 inch wheel bike frame with the obstacle conquering capabilities of the 29er. The fusion of these two design principles make this bike a fierce competitor on endurance courses.

cannondale-f-seriesThe F-Series 29er hard tail carbon mountain bike series are the ultimate racer’s dream. Many cyclists understand the benefits of using a carbon frame but these bikes take design and performance a step further than the standard competition bike. This bike carries many of the same suspension and performance components as the other carbon mountain bikes from Cannondale, but what sets this bike apart from the others is the continuous carbon components found on this cycle. From the wheel spokes to the head tube, this bike has one mission in mind, to become the lightest competition mountain bike around.

Cannondale’s Current Development:

While Cannondale continues to perform well with their performance over mountain bikes at the Enduro World Series, the factory’s design teams have decided to focus on putting new life into their mid-range cycles in sights of new customer interests. In 2014, there will be the re-launch of the Rush in 29 inch wheel version only. Also, the Trail SL series will be featuring a version even less expensive than the affordable SL-5 version. These modifications to the product line show Cannondale’s will to remain strong in the world mountain bike markets.

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